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Tangledeep – Nintendo Switch Review

Tangledeep is an incredible game. Trying to classify it is difficult. Yes, it is a roguelike, but it is also a dungeon crawler that plays out like a RPG lootfest, oh and you can have a farm of pets which can pick one to join you on your dungeon crawl. I hadn’t looked at it for a while because it looked like a generic roguelike indie but I picked it up based on a recommendation and I have been happy to have been proved wrong.

Tangledeep is not an easy game to get into. There is a lot of initial information to take in and a lot of choices to make early on. The first choice is the difficultly, there are 3 options. Adventure mode (easy), heroic mode where when you die the game ends and you will lose everything except for town progress and banked items/cash, and Hardcore mode which = lose everything. After that it is up to you to choose your “job” (class) and then you are basically good to go!

You start in “camp” and gradually discover the various systems in place. There are shops to buy & sell items/food, a lady handing out “rumours” (side quests), a place to plant trees for resources, a monster farm (where you can tame monsters to become pets to join you) and also a piece of machinery that allows you to enter the “dreams” of your items to ultimately make them more powerful. From there it’s time to go dungeon crawling and see how it pans out! Once in the dungeon, movement is turn based, you take a step and then enemies get to take their turn. Combat is attack and ability based, with the different jobs having a multitude of abilities and attacks available to them.

However, there is probably a bit too much going on in Tangledeep, that ultimately confuses things a bit. Battle logs become an endless slew of abilities, stat changes, element differences and it can be quite hard to figure out exactly what is going on, and sometimes that leads to you dying, and dying fast. Take the time to read, and for the first few characters learn the abilities and mechanics and you will start having much more fun.

I must confess I have not got to the credits screen yet (my joycons had to go to Nintendo for some TLC) but hopefully I will soon. This game is deep, and offers incredible amounts of replayability and value. Hopefully soon I will see the bottom of the dungeon and what it holds. If you want a cheap but incredibly good value indie title, I recommend picking this game up. It’s not easy, so perhaps watch a few videos on youtube and then get dungeon diving

Review Rating

Gameplay - 8
Controls - 7
Look & Feel - 9
Fun Factor - 7.5
Would we play it again? - 9


A great value Indie title for the Switch. It may suffer a bit from information overload but once you get a feel for the game it is very easy to lose a lot of hours. The music and 16 bit graphics fit perfect to make this a very polished game.

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