Cheap as Chips – Back 4 Blood Price Guide

Back 4 Blood is the spirit of the coop zombie shooter with a modern rogue-lite spin. Create your deck, team with friends and slay the ridden hordes today. Make sure to grab a bargain by looking at our guide below for best prices but don’t lose your fingers to a zombie.

For those who are subscribed to XBOX Game Pass fret not as Back 4 Blood is going to be on Game Pass day 1 and for PC players who want to try Back 4 Blood for cheap you can sign up for a gamepass trial for $1 for your first month. October also is the release of Age of Empires 4 so what better time than now to give it a go?

Physical Regular Edition

  • JB Hi-Fi – $89 Regular Edition – PS5 / PS4 / XBOX
  • MightyApe – $89 Regular Edition – PS5 / PS4 / XBOX
  • EBGames – $109.99 Regular Edition – PS5 / PS4 / XBOX

Physical Deluxe Editions

  • MightyApe – $159 Deluxe Edition – PS5 / PS4 / XBOX
  • EBGames – $159.99 Deluxe Editon – PS5 / PS4 / XBOX

EBGames is also offering an exclusive “Special Edition” as above which comes with a steel book, the Fort Hope Elite weapons skins and a double-sided poster for $119.99. PS5 / PS4 / XBOX

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