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When Burnout Paradise first came out back in 2008, I spent A LOT of time working through it and never fully completed the game (mainly due to it being so big thanks to the DLC packs that came periodically after release).

Today Burnout Paradise Remastered was released here in NZ, and I must say I forgot how enjoyable this game is. Yes, there are a lot of critics out there who believe that Paradise ruined the Burnout franchise blah blah blah… but I disagree. I love the massive variety of things you can do; including racing, challenges, jumps, stunts, smashes and the good old showtime mode, or of course just cruising around crashing into things.

Burnout Paradise is loads of fun, and this remastered version leaves all of that intact (as well as the awesome soundtrack) but at the same time the graphics have been boosted with great detail and it seems way less glitchy.
Even though I have played through the majority of it before, I can see myself spending a great deal of time on this remastered beauty.

Get yourself a copy today and have fun cruising (or smashing) through Paradise!

Burnout Paradise Remastered is available on Xbox One and PS4

GameHub Rating

Gameplay - 8
Controls - 7
Look & Feel - 8
Fun Factor - 9.5
Would we play it again? - 9.5


I know it's a remaster but I'm going to rate it anyway. Enjoyed it before and I'm enjoying it again!

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