BaZooKa! – PS4 Review

It’s all in the name here people. Bazooka is a family fun up to 4 player Coop or competitive game where you attack wave after wave of cool monsters/beasties and other animals. With a roll of 22 unique characters to choose from each with their own unique ability, you’ll be sure to have hours of fun! It’s a well made platform game where Anime meets action.

Here are a few things I have found to be good while playing this game.

– Firstly that the controls are simple and easy to use.
– That the graphics and sounds are not overbearing or annoying.
– My 5 year old son can play this easily.
– Swinging on your fishing line/ chain is so much fun

A minor niggling part would be the use of your fishing line/ chain to capture critters or get yourself onto new areas. It only has a horrizontal or vertical ability, where as sometimes a diagonal function would help a lot.

I give this game a 4/5 star rating! A must play on PS4 and Switch!

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