Cotton Reboot, classic arcade action

ININ games and BEEP have teamed up to release Cotton Reboot, a revitalized version of the iconic side scrolling shooter from the early 90’s. The game features a fantastic new version of the game, while also allowing you to experience the original X86000 Sharp personal computer version. Also included is a couple of time attack modes for some quick gameplay. 

The story is fairly minimal, Cotton is a hot-headed witch addicted to treats called “Willows”, you are accompanied by a fairy called Silk. Cotton is determined to not let anything get in her way of obtaining her favourite treats. 

The original X86000 version is a fantastic side scroller. You fire from your broom, while also dropping bombs to kill everything you can. As you move along the level enemies drop crystals which you collect to power up your default attacks. These crystals can also be shot at to make them change colour, which give you a few different powerful magic-like attacks when collected. 

As per normal for games of this time era, its very difficult. You die almost instantly and you really have to spend time learning how to evade attacks and navigate the bosses of each level. You can use as many “credits” as you want, but the real challenge is to get through the game as far as you would if you only had a few coins at the arcade. 

The new version “arranged” mode, amps up the default version of the game, not only by graphically enhancing the game but making it slightly easier and by introducing some new abilities for Cotton to use. It also introduces dark versions of the crystals, which allow for massive points totals if collected unbroken. While fun, I do feel that the arranged mode is too busy. It is very easy to lose track of what is going on, and in a game where the slightest of wrong moves will cost you your life it is an unwelcome distraction. 

The two versions, are both 6 levels long with a final boss fight. If you play through with unlimited lives it will take you about 30 minutes to get to the end. However, the beauty of this type of game is in gunning for the best score you could possibly achieve. Cotton Reboot, has an online leaderboard so you can see how you stack up against others. 

Cotton Reboot, is a great bit of side scrolling fun. Its high energy and visual effects are contagious and it does make for a great quick pick up and play game. The original version is great for a nostalgic feel and the remade version is a fantastic more modern re-imagining of the game, even if too hectic at times. If you were a fan of the original, or even if you are just a fan of arcade like, side scrolling shooters, its definitely worth checking out the Cotton Reboot! 

Out 20th July! 

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