CrossCode Review – Nintendo Switch

Got a 16-bit RPG scratch that you want to itch? Well I have good news. I’ve had the pleasure of sinking quite a few hours into Action RPG CrossCode on the Switch over the last week and this is a game you should definitely look at giving up some of your time to.

Crosscode released a few years back on PC, but has now just made its way to console. It’s hard to describe what its really like, but I guess you could call it “Zelda-like”. Set in an MMO known as “CrossCode” you play as a character called Lea. Yes its a game inside a game! You are an avatar and have lost your memory of the real world. Lea has been brought into the MMO in an attempt to play through the game and recover her memory.

Lea, lost memory, and lost in the woods!

Sounds far fetched! And it is a little, but after a few hours I was heavily invested into the story and navigating the twists and turns that came with it. One of the best things about CrossCode is how much it does feel like you are in a MMO world. Its full of NPC’s and characters bombing about doing their own thing. Questing is very MMO like and levelling happens in very much the same way as it does in a lot of MMO’s.

In no time at all you will be fighting loads of enemies and solving a lot of puzzles (I mean a lot of puzzles!) while meeting a great cast of characters and having some of them join you on your way. The fighting can be quite frenetic, a mix of ranged and melee combo building, with special abilities able to be used on top of that. That’s really only describing the basic core gameplay as-well, as you get further into the game an extensive progression and skill system will keep you coming back for more.

CrossCode feels great, looks great and has a soundtrack to match the high standards the rest of the game sets. However, the port onto the switch is not perfect and without a few niggles. It sometimes struggles loading menus and I hit a few sluggish patches moving through the world. There is a few bugs apparently, but nothing I have personally encountered yet. I imagine the majority of these issues will be patched either shortly, or by the time this review is live.

All-in-all CrossCode is a fantastic RPG experience that is definitely best experienced and not described. Everything comes together so well, and after a slightly slow start you are hooked into a compelling journey. I highly recommend this to RPG fans and fans of retro gaming as well. Heck I imagine the owners of this game on PC may even enjoy having a portable version on the switch.

CrossCode is out now on the Switch and PS4, and you can pre-ordered physical boxed versions from

Crosscode - Switch Review

Gameplay - 9
Controls - 7
Look & Feel - 8.5
Fun Factor - 8.5
Would we play it again? - 8


Crosscode is a very well done Action RPG turned platformer puzzle solver! The 16 bit style is presented very well and this game will keep you entertained for quite a long period of time. Well worth its price.

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