Cyberpunk 2077

Buckle up Samurai’s (is that even how the plural form works?), this is my review of the much hyped and finally released Cyberpunk 2077. Unless you have been living under a rock you would of heard of Cyberpunk 2077 and that the various delays that have occurred in getting it released. You would also of heard by now that the release has not gone very smoothly at all.

Firstly, this write up is based solely on my experience with the game on PC with a relatively modern setup. I can’t turn everything to Ultra or max out settings without taking massive performance hits, but I can run the game fine with standard graphic settings at a stable framerate.

The game is based on the tabletop RPG Cyberpunk created by Mike Pondsmith and leans heavily on the world created by him. It’s set in “Night City” one of America’s leading mega cities. It depicts a bleak, but futuristic world, heavily influenced by sexuality and genetic/body robotic modifications.

You begin by customizing your character (yes including your genitals) before choosing your beginning story. You have 3 options for your beginning story, Street Kid, Nomad or Corpo. This is where my first problem with the game is. The beginning story is literally about 15 minutes of content, plus an intro movie and to be honest doesn’t seem to really do anything of significance for the remainder of the game aside from some voice lines. The different paths had been billed as an integral part of the game with far reaching impact on your play through, this is not really the case.

You play as “V” and the main story does take you on a pretty wild and enjoyable ride. One of the early story missions is actually one of the best quest missions I have played in a game for a long time, with plenty of choices in how its conducted and plays out. Honestly, I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t talk about it too much but it is one of the stronger points of the game and the characters you meet along the way are for the most part really well done and provide memorable moments. The main story, if you smash through it will take you roughly about 15 hours, which is pretty quick for a CDPR game.

Much like CDPR’s other entry’s the side quests stand up pretty well and will take you on some pretty enjoyable journeys away from the main quest. You are also given out a hefty amount of “Gigs” from various characters that send you on various types of jobs, from retrieving stolen goods to neutralising “Cyberpsycho’s”. There is a hefty amount of material to distract you from the main story but my main gripe with this, is at this point in time, all the actions you take don’t seem to have an influence on Night City, so it feels like your work and decisions are ultimately indeed just a distraction, with the bonus of some rare or unique loot. Aside from that Night City feels really immersive and there is quite a substantial amount of content to work through.

Cyberpunk is an action RPG, but it does feel like it is more action orientated then some other RPG’s you may be used to. You can go all guns blazing (and there are some awesome guns!), you can stealth your way through missions, or you can also use your technical prowess to hack your way through a lot of situations. It can make each mission feel slightly unique as you have different toolsets you can choose to use. The shooting feels clean, but the majority of enemies tend to just become a bit bullet spongy instead of more difficult.

From the RPG side as you level up you get access to various skill trees, this is done pretty impressively with a lot of options to dictate how you want to play through the game, the only limitation here is I feel its just a bit choose and forget as it just seems to buff either a type of weapon or type of hack rather then give you access to exciting new abilities. (This however is supplemented a bit by the impressive amount of cyber modification you can do to your character)

PC has not been without its performance issues, however (especially after the 1.04 patch release) the game has been relatively stable, In my 30 hours I have only had one full crash, and a few silly graphical glitches, like a mobile phone hovering in mid air with no one holding it.

From what I have seen, I cannot recommend purchasing this game on a PS4 or Xbox One. CDPR in my opinion have been manipulative in how they marketed and promised a game that would work on these consoles fine, and it is simply not the case. Advance reviewers were only given PC versions of the game, and no actual gameplay demonstration of the completed PS4/Xbox One games was permitted until release day. (CDPR have now allowed a full refund for those that find the game unplayable).

Cyberpunk is a good game, but ultimately, even after all the delays, the game still needs more work. Idea’s need to be more fleshed out. The world needs to be developed more with a focus on more customisation of your character, vehicles perhaps the option to change were you live? For a game that was hyped to bring a major difference to how you feel about video games, it has fallen a little bit flat. There is a great game there, its set in an interesting world with interesting characters and the story telling is fantastic. It just needs a bit of fine tuning and finesse. Hopefully this will come soon. Unfortunately I don’t have much hope for the game becoming a great gaming experience on older Gen consoles. Sorry guys you may have to upgrade if possible.

Flick us a message if you want some details about the game, and let us know how you have been enjoying Night City.

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