Nostalgic overload! Diablo II Resurrected

This game in particular has so much meaning to me personally! Not only that I played this many years ago in it’s original state as well as it’s expansion packs, but that this game was a family game for us. From my two brothers and I to my Dad and Mom playing it too. The memories of hearing in the other room: “F**** , F**** , F**** and seeing my Dad running past with a horde of minions was such a hilarious time! I even made one of his most famous mistakes while playing this weekends Open Beta – The accidental Town Portal opening (by this I mean emptying your book of town portal) with miss clicks while fighting a Fallen or Shaman.

I am so happy that from what I found while paying the beta was that they have almost 100% kept to the original playability of this game! Hearing those nostalgic sounds and voices was such a delight!

Overall the game is as good as it was 21 years ago! I really hope that the dev team keep it like it was / is and only ad some minor improvements and rejuvenating features.

I only managed to get through the first Act by the end but golly me was I thoroughly pleased! I had a few minor bugs, especially while doing a multiplayer game but other than than still 100% pleased.

Last note is that I believe that this game is one of my top 3 of this year and cannot wait until the release date is here so that I can dive back into it whole heartedly!

Diablo II: Resurrected is coming September 23rd. Available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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