Dirt 5 Gameplay – Xbox Series S

Get ready to race! Codemasters has dropped a Dirt 5 gameplay reveal running on the Xbox Series S. Fast paced time trial racing in typical Dirt fashion through a huge Italian mine with sheer cliffs, walls and general mining vehicles and equipment, we get a glimpse into what is to come to Dirt on next gen consoles.

“Scaling the Italian marble mines is a challenge with dangers at every turn. Players must trust their instincts and commit to their path if they are to make it to the top unscathed.”

Robert Karp – DIRT 5 Development Director
DIRT 5 | Xbox Series S | Official Next-Gen Gameplay

While the footage doesn’t ‘wow’ us in terms of next gen graphics, it does seem to have a few moments of ray-tracing goodness and it is on the Series S which will have some sort of graphics scale-down to suit the hardware. We love the Dirt series and are keen to jump in and play, so we’ll reserve judgement until then!

Dirt 5 will be a launch title on the Xbox Series S and Series X.
It also releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 6.
PS5 release date to be confirmed.

For more information visit dirtgame.com

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