Discord – Looking for a place to call home

So as any gamer, creator or internet generation would know – Discord is the biggest place to get connected with your team mates and make friends.

We have all joined servers and found them not to be what we want and we have all been pulled into those Lewd servers. The internet has long been a place for introverts, extroverts and people who just need friends or mentors or people to talk to.

I can finally say I found that one server that is the right fit. It has the right people, right channels and the right Vibe.

Introducing F*** KNOWS! When you ask why the name is that – the answer is simple “F*** Knows” why.

This amazing Server is run by two amazing ladies who (like me) wanted a place to call home on the internet. Both Hannah (aka BabyBanana) and Stef (aka itsnotastef) were on a mutual server and hit things off fast becoming best mates. The server they were on was ruled by an evil overlord who only wanted things their way and made life hard for those who just wanted to chill and have fun.

Stef (Left) and Hannah (Right)

So one night Hannah had enough and messaged Stef and said ” Lets make our own server”
Bada Bing Bada Boom – F*** KNOWS was born!

Now the server is growing nicely and has people from all over on it. We’re a caring/fun/weird but wonderful family and it’s not all about gaming no, there are all sorts of channels from Streaming, gaming, general life and more lots more!

I for one can finally say I found a place called home.

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