Doom Eternal, Heavy metal action in time for Xmas

Doom is back, back again. Arguably looking like one of the only things in the Bethesda conference that’s not been “revolutionized”, the shooter is back in all its gory glory. Doom Slayer, his heavy metal soundtrack and wide array of glorious weapons return for another round of frenetic demon slaying.

It looks much like its predecessor but with an upgrade in UI and a few added abilities and upgrades to our demon killing Doom Slayer. Armour has been added as a secondary resource, you have a flamethrower, and an added dodge ability, which I am sure will make the fights even more chaotic. This time the story allegedly spans heaven, hell and Mars and one ginormous Orbital BFG cannon.

There is a couple of new game modes which will probably be talked about a little more in the near future, but interestingly one, titled “Invasion”, of them seems to allow you enter a friends campaign as a demon and cause some trouble. Coupled with a mode where you fight against the slayer as a demon, there could be enough to potentially get more enjoyment out of the multiplayer side of the game then Doom.

On all accounts if you liked 2016’s rehash of one of gaming’s all-time greats then it sounds like Doom Eternal is going to give you that same fuzzy feeling. Get demon killing on the 22nd November on basically whatever gaming platform you like.

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