El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron – A unique masterpiece or mistake?

As quoted from their Steam store page:

“El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, originally released in 2011, is a unique third-person action adventure filled with a deeply artistic world-building, outstanding aesthetics and thrilling battles. Experience an incredible mix of 2D-like platformer action and a colorful 3D world in an exceptional setting.”

I found that quotation to extremely accurate as it could quite possibly be a masterpiece in it’s own way. Not only is this game unique if the animation style but the storyline and ethics behind the game are magnificent and true to my own Christian nature.

Although the game is unique in a lot of ways, it does however hold some unfortunate flaws. The combat in the game is somewhat fluid and well prepared, I found that unless you are focused on your button usage you can quite easily get stuck in a mid air flurry of random attacks, but once you get the ranged weapon the arial attacks do boast a good advantage.

Enoch’s health is based on your armor and isn’t shown anywhere – I found this out the hard way during the first battle with a big boss. You can however regain armor by finding the wings that repair it (which is great and all) but again no health bar and the games graphics makes it somewhat hard to gauge where you are with health.

Following Enoch through this adventure to find and kill the fallen angels is a great story and has some really good cutscenes as well as a few side missions that are extremely challenging and fun. I found myself thinking a few times “Where will I end up and how will I get through this?”

The amount of times I jumped wrong or ended up falling into the flames in some of the side quests was funny and annoying at the same time.

IGN’s trailer.

The sound in this game alone is my biggest gripe. The music is overbearing and repetitive and the voice acting is good and all but the script flow sucks big time! I found myself turning the music off completely within 2 minutes of playing the game. It’s not often you’ll find me giving a game some harsh feedback but this one’s audio has definitely triggered me.

All round I give this game a solid 7/10 as there are quite a few parts that let me down.

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