Fast-paced RPG WitchSpring 3 arrives on the Switch

Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine is a curious little JRPG game. The Korean series, has primarily been based as a mobile game, with Witch Spring 3 getting a port to the Nintendo Switch. You don’t have to have played the first 2 in the series to enjoy the 3rd entry, but it does help with having a better understanding of the world the game is set in.

Witch Spring 3, follows the story of Eirudy, a young witch living in a secluded life in a mysterious misty forest. Her only company, some magical puppet dolls which she attempts to get to talk to her. One day she stumbles across a human man, and that sets off the story. It happens at quite a quick pace largely because this is not a long game. 

While the game is very much an RPG, it kind of feels like the old Atelier games if you have ever had a chance to play them. It features a task heavy system which sees you running all around the Derkarr continent to complete them. You stop of at home to rest and to be able to craft, using the many items you collect along your journey.

The home stops also feature the main mechanics of the game. A training system, that allows you to pick which stats of Eirudy you would like to develop and the Doll (companion) system. The magical puppet dolls that Eirudy has created, can be awakened by using vitality gained from killing enemies. The dolls that you awaken can be summoned in battle and provide unique benefits to Eirudy. Extra vitality can be used to improve the dolls, and it’s probably the best part of the game. 

Witch Spring 3, has a very simple RPG battle system. Primarily focused around casting magic and summoning your dolls. The battling is not too difficult and the game does allow for you to become very overpowered. 

Ultimately, Witch Spring 3, Is a simple, quick RPG with a standard storyline. Most people will have it completed in about 15 hours. It is enjoyable without being amazing. The English translation could have done with a bit more work, with a few noticeable errors in my current playthrough so far. You can definitely tell it was a mobile game, and probably would feel more at home on something like the Nintendo DS! 

More info, and various limited physical editions available via InIn games.

WitchSpring 3 Re:Fine

Gameplay - 7.1
Controls - 8.1
Look & Feel - 7
Fun Factor - 7
Would we play it again? - 5.5


A solid port of a mobile game to the Nintendo Switch. A few translation errors otherwise great. A good quick and easy RPG to smash out when you don't want to dedicate time and commitment to something more detailed.

User Rating: 3.87 ( 1 votes)

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