Final Fantasy VII Remake

I’ve just finished Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 and boy do I have a lot to say!
The nostalgia hits hard with this one. Not only did they stay true to some of it’s original play styles with being able to use classic mode but they also added some great fighting mechanics as well.

The story does follow the original for the most part but they have added a few new bits here and there, as well as new characters to interact with! Over all it was a great game, however my only complaint is that it’s not technically the full game. It’s more like an expansive demo. You get all the story line pull in and game play amazement but then boom! Once you leave Midgar – end. Like seriously that was when some of the real fun started for me! Being able to roam the continent and explore new places and people as well as ride a damn Chocobo! (in the words of Barret)

Focusing back on the positives – this game has amazing graphics and physics coupled with mostly fluid gameplay in fighting and walking/running. I loved interacting and hearing people as I walked around the under plate sectors and the small but amazing hidden gems of old lure hidden in too was great. From the music to the comments made by characters during, after and at the start of combat.

The trailer nailed it for me to be honest – was amazing and really told the story well.

From party management to the new cool summoning metrix it was built well. I didn’t like how Red XIII was not part of the party and was made to be completely NPC played in combat.

Overall I can’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd part and play that to the max too! 9/10 for me.

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