Leggggooo Racing!

Announced at E3 and released a few days ago is the latest DLC for Forza Horizon 4, Lego Speed Champions.

I love the Forza Horizon series. I also quite like Lego. So I probably got a wee bit too excited when I saw the announcement of this co-lab between Turn 10 and Lego. I pre-ordered the DLC and downloaded so it was ready to go, launched as soon as I had the chance and…. It crashed my gaming laptop. HOWEVER, since I have got it working, both myself and the resident 4yr old have been having a blast!

The premise of FH: Lego Speed Champions is that you have been gifted a prime piece of land to build a house upon, but you need to participate (and preferably win) in events to earn the specific bricks for the part of the house you are building. Occasionally instead of working towards the house, your progress will be towards a new car (from the Lego Speed Champions sets of course).

Check out this opening introduction which will give you an idea on how it looks/works.

Apologies for my average driving skills

Gameplay is fun, with a hybrid landscape of real world and Lego that flies everywhere when you smash into it! There’s even a new radio station added in which is great if you love ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from the Lego Movie, because that’s the only song on the station it seems!

The only gripe I have had at this stage is that as far as I can see, all the races/events are against actual cars and not Lego ones. I would like to see Lego vs Lego races or at least a mix of the two. Apart from that you still earn influence, wheel spins, skill points etc – there’s just a whole another brick layer of fun on top.

Buy it, download it and give it a go. Forza Horizon 4 is available through the Microsoft Store on PC and Xbox with Lego Speed Champions and all other DLCs, or if you have it or Game Pass already you can just buy this DLC by itself (for a very slightly discounted price).

See forzamotorsport.net for more info.

Gameplay - 7.5
Controls - 8
Look & Feel - 8
Fun Factor - 8
Would we play it again? - 9.5


Overall a great addition to FH4. Fun for all ages, especially if you like Lego... and Forza Horizon... and smashing stuff! Way better than the Hot Wheels DLC for FH3 in my opinion.

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