“Of the two, I would definitely go with an Xbox” – Gabe Newell

Gabe Newell, co-founder and head of Valve, has been in New Zealand since before lockdown. He and his travel-mates had a choice soon after they got here to either return to the US or remain in NZ for the foreseeable future – they chose the latter.

He and his friends have enjoyed their time here and as a (big) thank you, are hosting a weekend of events in Auckland called We Love Aotearoa (August 15th-16th), which includes We Love VR – VR Experience!

To promote this event Newell was a guest on The Project NZ where among other things was asked the age old question, Xbox or Playstation (in reference to next gen). His response?
“Uh, the Xbox”
Really? Why?
“Cause it is”

Gabe Newell – The Project NZ

For more information on the upcoming We Love Aotearoa events visit

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