GE: Source

Again with the nostalgia…

I spent A LOT of time in my teenage years playing 007 Goldeneye on my trusty N64, and then playing further countless hours on some of same maps with Perfect Dark, they are ingrained into my memory.

Now I know Goldeneye: Source has been around for quite some time and still has a great following, however it surprises me how many Goldeneye fans don’t know about it. Goldeneye: Source is essentially a fan made mod developed using Valve’s Source engine, and has some great modern features however the developers have put some hard yards in to stay true to the original game, especially when it comes to the maps, characters (I am invincible!) & weapon sets. Version 5.0 was released in late 2016 and I have recently got back into playing it, and enjoy it as much, if not more, as I did on the N64.


For more info and to download GE: Source head over to

GameHub Rating

Gameplay - 8
Controls - 7
Look & Feel - 5
Fun Factor - 9
Would we play it again? - 10


User Rating: 2.7 ( 1 votes)

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