Halo Infinite Gameplay

Xbox kicked off this morning’s Series X Games Showcase with what they knew Halo fans wanted… Halo Infinite Gameplay.

With around 8 minutes of footage captured in game, we see a small portion of the campaign (apparently approx 2 hours in) where Master Chief and the Pilot (that was in the previous trailer) as their Pelican comes under fire from enemy anti-air encampments. Basically they are fighting The Banished, who were previously featured in the Halo Wars series, and their brute of a leader Escharum. The Banished have previously won the fight against the UNSC on this Halo Ring and Master Chief has new weapons and equipment (including a grapple!) to aid in the campaign to take the Ring back.

With what seems to be an open(ish) world that is reportedly larger than the last two Halo games combined, Halo Infinite looks to provide players with more Freedom to carve out the campaign their way.

Halo Infinite has been built using a new engine called Slipspace, which has enabled 343 Industries to pack more detail in per pixel than ever before. On the Series X it is reported that Halo Infinite will run at a minimum of 60fps.

Halo Infinite will also be available on Windows 10 through the Windows Store, Steam or Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Anyway, enough of the details. Watch the Gameplay Premiere for yourself!

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