Horde mode is back!

If you’re a fan of Gears of War, you’ve probably played the previous takes on The Coalition’s multiplayer co-op mode, Horde. With Gears of War 5 they are taking it up a notch.

5 Players, 50 waves of enemies, hours of co-op action.
Each hero now has his/her own ultimate which can change the battlefield immensely. Plus every 10 waves there are now items called power taps to capture; keep them safe and your team will receive a power boost every wave.

“It’s your choice to stay safe in your base, or choose to expand out to capture more territory for more Power.”

Alongside the Gears of War heroes, there are two additions, Kat and Emile, making a cameo appearance from Halo: Reach. One can only assume this is to build a bit of momentum for Halo:Reach and the equivalent Firefight mode coming to PC, but they seem to fit in well.

For more in-depth info on Horde mode in Gears 5 head over to www.gears5.com

Gears 5 is coming to PC and Xbox in September and is now available for pre-order in both the Windows Store AND STEAM!

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