Four Fantastic Indies in October

Incoming Indies for October as we look forward to the Steam Next Fest launching this month too. You’ll find some of the neatest upcoming indies in the gaming sphere. I hope you find something interesting on this list to check out and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the INDUSTRIA full review coming later this month.

1. The Riftbreaker

A mix of survival games, Action-RPG, factory creation wrapped up in a hero-based RTS control style. This little number hits a lot of notes and the demo shows a lot of strengths. Deploy onto an alien planet in a mech suit, build your defences and mine for resources while clearing enemies from the map. Fans of MOBAs, factory builders and RTS-style games will feel completely at home with all of these elements. A truly new extension to the RTS genre? Find out on October 14th or try the demo today!


A small indie project that has been in development for over 5 years. It bleeds an early 2000’s shooter aesthetic, inspired by Half-Life. This first-person shooter set before the end of the Cold War takes you through the streets of Berlin and to alternative realities. Expect a precise game on the shorter side but with lots of foreboding atmosphere. Baked in Australia and now fresh out of the oven on October 1st for you to enjoy. The demo is also available now!

3. Alisa

Fixed camera retro-styled games have never looked so good. Take control of Alisa as she wakes up in a strange victorian mansion dressed in strange clothing. Solve puzzles, riddles and defeat the mechanised doll-like humanoids that stalk your every move. A true classic Resident Evil successor? A demo is available right now for those who are interested! The launch was planned for October 1st but due to some setbacks with the Steam platform, it should be here by mid-October!

4. Evertried

Pixel art tactical roguelike in an isometric view now these are some words I can get behind. Ascend the mysterious tower in the afterlife but be careful as it is not that straightforward. Positioning and strategy will be key to survival in this turn-based game. With an arsenal of skills, traps and movement move towards the highest point in the tower and complete your destiny. Releasing on October 22nd with a demo available now!

Are you an indie dev or indie game fan looking to get your game covered? Send us an email and we’ll be sure to check it out!

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