Inside Xbox 25.09.19

In case you missed the latest #insidexbox episode which was live earlier today, here’s a bit of a run down.

First up, Atlas. A massive open world pirate themed multiplayer game from the makers of Ark Survival Evolved. Coming to Xbox and PC (with crossplay!) in October. Early access version has been available on Steam with mixed reviews so we’ll have to see how this goes.

Children of Morta – RPG hack and slash game about a family of heroes fighting against darkness. Local co-op with online to be added later. Available on Xbox One October 16th.

Xbox Game Streaming – Project xCloud preview to start in October, however signups only open to people in the US, UK or South Korea on Android devices at the moment. Program will be expanded over time.

Xbox Game Pass – Jumpforce! (and a couple of other games…) have been added to GP for console. Dirt Rally 2.0, Saints Row 4 and more coming to GP for PC.
New updates for GP app for PC coming in early October.
Plus various indie games being added too.

Code Vein – Anime vampires fighting over limited blood supply. Launches September 28th! (NZ)

The Outer Worlds – Out October 26th (NZ)
New Sci-Fi Single Player RPG – From makers of the good Fallout games.
Your choices impact what happens throughout the game. Stealth or all guns blazing – you choose.

Minecraft Minecon 2019
Live on September 29th at 4am (NZ) 😀
More at

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
Xbox Beta available for download from September 27th to 30th (NZ).
Insight into the behind the scenes work on the game.

Hitman 2 – New ‘Haven’ expansion available today!

Felix the Reaper
Humourous romantic comedy about the life of death. Actually looks pretty cool! Available October 18th (NZ) on Xbox Game Pass.

Afterparty – Two friends who have died, try to out drink Satan to return back to earth. Pub crawl through the underworld. Sounds… interesting.

DayZ – New expansion with a new map Livonia, coming November 14th (NZ)

X019 – Happening in London November 14th-16th
Whole Xbox team heading along, lots of announcements to come!

Next #insidexbox episode live from London at X019

Got some time on your hands and keen to know more about any of the above?
Check out today’s full show below.

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