Introducing Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X will be our fastest, most powerful console ever and set a new bar for performance, speed and compatibility, allowing you to bring your gaming legacy, thousands of games from three generations and more forward with you.

Phil Spencer – Head of Xbox

In a blog post earlier today head of Xbox, Phil Spencer gave us a wee bit more detail about the much anticipated console we have come to know as Project Scarlett.

With 4K graphics at 60FPS but possibility of 120FPS and 8K capability, it seems Microsoft are building this beast of a box for the future.
Powered by a custom Zen 2 based AMD processor, AMD graphics and a “next-generation” solid state drive, this thing should be quick and will support advanced Ray Tracing as well as VRS (Variable Rate Shading).

Physically it looks more like a PC tower than the previous generations before it. It has what looks to be grill on top (assuming to enable airflow) and a glowing light within. No shots of the back yet for I/O options. The model shown also still includes a disc tray, however there is rumored to be a disc-less model in the works as well.

Alongside the Xbox Series X, a new Xbox Wireless Controller will be available (also bundled with every Series X). This new iteration of the much loved controller features a new D-Pad inspired by the Xbox Elite Controller and a new share button to make capturing clips and screenshots (and sharing them of course) easier. Much like the current generation, it will also be compatible with Windows 10 PCs.

Xbox Series X, along with the new Xbox Wireless Controller will be available late 2020. Oh and did I mention it will support all titles currently in the backwards compatible library. 4 Generations of Xbox on one ‘X’ Box.

Can’t wait to play Halo: Infinite on it.

To read Phil Spencer’s full blog post, click here

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