KartRider: Drift Closed Beta has begun!

Announced at X019 in London, KartRider: Drift is the latest iteration of the KartRider franchise by Nexon. This weekend the first round of the closed beta has gone live and we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to take it for a test run.

Bearing in mind that it is still in beta, KartRider: Drift so far has been quite enjoyable to play. Both karts and characters are customisable, items picked up when racing provide an almost (insert other well known kart racer game by Nintendo here) feel where the race can turn on it’s head with one pull of a magnet.

As you may guess by the name, drifting is a big part of winning a race. There are some quite tight turns on some of the tracks that I have raced on so far and the easiest way around without dropping too much speed is to drift. Pair it with a boost and you’re on the way to winning.

Races can be local or online, with cross platform play in the works. Did I mention it will be Free to Play?

KartRider: Drift is the only free-to-play, cross-platform kart racing game with full customization. Go head-to-head every season unlocking new karts, characters, tracks, and skins to flex your ride. Dive into turns and feel the intensity of the UnrealĀ® Engine 4 graphics as you boost to the finish line. No Limits.

My KartRider: Drift experience so far hasn’t been perfect though. Getting Steam to actually download the game was my first hurdle. Then the game crashed twice before it decided to run properly. However once I was able to launch it and get past the title screen, it seems to work great. Load times into online races are reasonably quick, even with the limited numbers of testers playing, so come launch it should be pretty easy to jump in and play. A good start to a fun racer.

KartRider: Drift will launch officially on PC and Xbox One in 2020.
We’ll update you with any future features/developments.

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