Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Race in your own home!

As part of their Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed the next installment of the Mario Kart family, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

Created in partnership by Nintendo and Velan Studios, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit basically combines both the Mario Kart experience you know and love with AR technology, enabling you to create and race on custom circuits around your own home. Bit hard to explain but check out the new trailer below to get the run down on how it all works!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Basically, you set up your circuit using 4 gates that are included, you do a first initial drive around with your kart (with built in camera), so that the AR can do its thing and boom, you have a custom Mario Kart circuit!

While the trailer makes it look simple enough to set up, I’d be keen to give it a go to see how it holds up with latency between the karts, Switch controllers and the game interface itself. With advancements in AR technology and the minds of game developers, this sort of game can only get better!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit includes one kart – with either Mario or Luigi in the driving seat, depending on the set you choose – plus four gates, two arrow signboards that can be used to enhance courses and a USB charging cable for the kart. The software comes in the form of a free download from Nintendo eShop, which, once downloaded, syncs up with the physical kart hardware.*

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be available on Nintendo Switch from October 16. Preorder today at your local games store!
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