Master Chief jump-started and ready to go

Halo fans around the world held their breath during Microsoft’s E3 showcase waiting for the news that they pretty much already knew… Master Chief is back.

With a cinematic trailer of supposed game engine footage we see a UNSC Pelican pilot who seems to have survived an unknown battle but is now stranded in a damaged Pelican, drifting in space.

Time passes and his equipment locates Master Chief appearing lifeless floating outside his Pelican. The pilot somehow gets MC onboard the craft and proceeds to use the little power it has left to jump-start MC (so to speak). It works and it doesn’t take long for Master Chief to arm himself and get ready to jump back into the fight… however we will have to wait until Holiday 2020 (with the release of Project Scarlett) to find out who or what is involved with that fight. Looking forward to it!

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