MINECON rundown

In case you missed it, MINECON LIVE 2019 took place this morning (NZ time) in Nashville (US).

If you are a Minecraft fanatic or like me just love jumping into a bit of creative mode occasionally, then have this update highlights feature from the event.

“The Nether Update, bees and honey, the Character Creator, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons and much more”

My favourite part? Well, I have spent quite a bit of time in creative mode just mining away to create large underground rooms for various building/structures, so when I saw the capabilites of scripting (from 1:03:40 on the full video below) and the TNT wand! I must admit I got a tad excited (the 5yr old in my house loves blowing things up with TNT so he did too!).
Plus being able to create houses etc in one step with a TNT block is pretty awesome.

It was also great to see some more hands-on gameplay with Minecraft Earth. Whether creating on a build plate or teaming up with others to fight zombies and skeletons, it does look pretty cool! Looking forward to trying it out.

Got 3ish hours to spare? You can check out the whole MINECON Live event below.

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