Nintendo Direct Doesn’t Disappoint

Well, except for the poor Animal Crossing fans, that have been waiting for what must feel like a painfully long time for their beloved franchise to arrive on the switch. But at least you have a date to look forward to now guys! Anyway, the direct featured a lot of news some expected and some definitely unexpected.

Nintendo announced a sequel to the critically acclaimed Zelda entry, Breath of the Wild. No massive details advised just that it is in development. In other Zelda news, the remake of Links Awakening had its release date revealed as the 20th September.

For the Smash lovers, 2 new characters will be joining the fray. “Hero” the protagonist of Dragon Quest will be joined by the surprising addition of Banjo-Kazooie which I am anticipating will be a fun and most probably incredibly annoying character to play against. In other Nintendo IP’s we got a closer look at the upcoming Luigis Mansion 3, featuring “Gooigi”, which does look like a quite enjoyable title. We also received a little bit more information about Pokemon Shield & Sword, which are shaping up to be very exciting entries in the Pokemon franchise.

Astral chain was another title that received some attention, and it quite frankly looks insane and will definitely be worth keeping an eye on. It looks packed full of action and incredible fight scenes. Travis, returns in “No More Heroes 3” with the trailer doing its best to maintain the franchises sense of humour and often ridiculous nature.

However, one of the biggest surprises of the direct was the announcement of the Witcher 3 arriving on the Switch. A feat I thought would be impossible, is being undertaken, and it will be interesting to see how well the switch can handle it. I will be looking forward to hearing some of the opinions of the lucky people who manage to get a chance to have a play early on. There was also a surprise drop of a collection of old school contra games, and the announcement of an English remake of hit JRPG Seiken Densetsu 3.

That about wraps it up, what Nintendo news excited you the most, and what are you looking forward to playing?

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