Xbox GWG & PS Plus Games – November 2020

New month, new (old) games! Whether you’re a Playstation or Xbox gamer, chances are you will have either a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold sub. Not only does that let you play online but you also get access to these great games on offer this month, including the first PS5 game in the PS Plus lineup!

Xbox One

  • Aragami: Shadow Edition / 1st-30th November
  • Swimsanity! / 16th November – 15th December

Xbox and Xbox 360 (also available on Xbox One)

  • Full Spectrum Warrior / 1st-15th November
  • Lego Indiana Jones / 16th-30th November
Xbox – November 2020 Games with Gold

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Playstation 5

  • Bugsnax / 12th November – 4th January

Playstation 4

3rd-30th November

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of War
  • Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition
Playstation Plus Games – November 2020

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