Let the research begin!


A series of mysterious happenings is occurring all over the world, and Professor Willow is seeking Trainers to help him find out if this is connected to the Mythical Pokémon Mew. These research tasks will become available to Trainers around the world later this week!

If you are still playing Pokemon Go (or want to get back into it), then keep an eye out for a major update coming your way!

The new features are based around doing various research quests which are basically finding particular items or battling in specific places/with specified Pokemon. In return you can earn a stamp (one per day), once you have 7 stamps, i.e. a week, you can achieve a Research Breakthrough to receive even greater rewards including possible encounters with Legendary Pokémon!

These research tasks will be sure to help you get better at discovering, battling, and catching Pokémon!
Update should hit your device later in the week – Give it a GO and let us know what you think!

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