April update adds to PS5 storage options

While we’re still waiting to be able to add in a standard m.2 Solid State Drive to compliment the PS5’s “ultra high speed SSD), Playstation have announced that the PS5 April Update that is due to start rolling out tomorrow will bring with it the ability to be able to move installed games to a external USB drive.

While you won’t be able to play games directly from the USB drive it will make it easier and faster to store those games that you may only play once in a while but have the ability to move them back to the SSD when you want to play (faster than reinstalling from scratch).

Some titles will also have options to transfer all or part of the game, i.e. if you still play the multiplayer but want to store the campaign away, you can do so.

PS5 Storage Options

For more info visit www.playstation.com

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