Remembering a Great

Recently, all of my spare time has been lost to Age of Empires IV. It in itself is a fantastic game, but it really has got me reminiscing about Age of Empires II. Age of Empires II consumed a large amount of time during my teenage/young adult years. It was, for me at least, the perfect game at the time. My favourite subject at school was history and the historical nature of the game and its mix of strategy and battle management had me absolutely hooked.

When I think back to those early years I remember the cool kids at primary school playing Age of Empires 1 and then a larger then normal group of kids moving on to playing Age of Empires II. Our computer lab classes at high school just turned into big Age fests. We would keep the room full over lunch times while we played Castle Blood and other custom scenarios. No matter how many attempts were made by admins to make the game unplayable on the PCs, somebody always found a way around it.

Outside of school, when I wasn’t playing Halo, or Runescape or some other game with my mates, I was probably playing Age of Empires II, even went so far as to belonging to a clan based in the US. I ended up representing that clan across Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology. I mainly played as the Mongols or Saracens enjoying the aggressive nature of the Civs and trying to end the game quicker then most people would like.

Moving onto University, it didn’t stop. I have awesome memories of us getting big games going in our uni halls and people moving round room to room to cheer others on. There was some intense games, often fueled by a few beers or sloppy plays due to hangovers. Age of Empires always seemed to be an all encompassing game, didn’t matter if you were the nerd, or the pro sports player everyone was keen to be involved. The games continued on when moving into flatting. Often times our entire flat playing into the small hours of the night yelling obscenities at each other.

More recently the Age of Empires II Definitive Edition came out, I encourage you if you ever dabbled in Age of Empires II to pick it up. The game has been spruced up, plenty of Civs added and it just still plays extremely well. There is an active community for the game even after all these years. I think that’s what it all really boils down to in the end. I have such great memories of this fantastic game because of the friends I made playing it and by getting to play it with so many of my friends.

Get playing below!

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition

Age of Empires IV

What games bring you back awesome memories? We would be keen to hear your stories.

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