Season of Thieves

How is Sea of Thieves holding up as its 4th Anniversary approaches?

I was first introduced to Sea of Thieves on January 1st 2019. When I first set sail, the game had
already been around for about 8 months. I have always been a fan of pirate games, going back to
my childhood and playing Sid Meier’s Pirates on my Amiga 500 Computer, also on that machine,
probably one of the most fun pirate games written, The Secret of Monkey Island. I also dabbled
with the heavily buggy Pirates of the Caribbean game in the early 2000s on PC, but it was the
advent of Xbox Game Pass that made Sea of Thieves readily available to me.

Back then on 2019, there was still really only voyages for the 3 main factions and the Pirate
Legend faction, Athena’s Fortune. Becoming a Pirate Legend was a goal for everyone, and it took
a lot of time, having to level up all 3 main factions to, a grind at times, Level 50. Rowboats had just
been introduced and the Megalodon (Giant Shark) had been recently had a release event.
The truth is, I fell in love with this game. One because it was a Pirate game. Secondly, because of
its wide open world sandbox, and there didn’t seem to be a linear way of how to play it. I had
previously loved Skyrim, Far Cry 4 and Fallout 4, and I had an appetite for open world adventures.
But, Sea of Thieves introduced me to my truly first encounters of PvP unlike I had come across
in Battlefield 1 or Star Wars Battlefront II. The fact you could sail for 2 hours and stack a bunch of
treasure up to sell at the end of your voyage, could be stolen away from you in a matter of
minutes by a blood thirst crew of buccaneers, was both thrilling and frustrating. I was still fairly
rubbish at PvP and would often be filled with terror as another player ship approached. I mean,
back then there were also Skeleton Snipers which were the worst when fighting a Skelly Galleon
or a Skull Fort.

But here we are almost 4 years after its release and people still want to sail the Sea of Thieves.
Here are a few thoughts I want to throw your way and say why I think it still causes me to weekly
cast my sails to the wind.

  1. Everyone in the game has the same level as far as in game power. There is no leveling up
    weapons. I love Battlefield 1 & Battlefront II, but there is nothing worse than dying repeatedly
    to someone who has grinned out the top levels and weapons, and they literally just need to
    one shot you with a petty pistol because they grinned the upgrades. Sea of Thieves doesn’t
    do that. The veteran pirate legend, who has sailed since day one, has the same pistol and
    sniper rifle as the latest grunt to install the game. PvP feels alot more skill based. You can’t
    upgrade your weapons, you just learn how to use them better.
  2. They keep adding content. I can only imagine what it would be like to finish the Maiden
    Voyage tutorial and start out in your first tavern wondering “What do I do first?” Literally it
    doesn’t really matter what you do first, you can take your pick from digging up buried treasure,
    to fighting cursed skeletons. From going on a story based Tall Tale adventure, to wondering
    what that big skull cloud is in the sky. From delivering chickens to following maps from
    washed up coral bottles. Find Captain Jack Sparrow or fight an Ashen Winds Skeleton Lord,
    or just sail around looking for other players to battle and the winner takes all. There is so much
    to do in this game… maybe too much… there have been days where I’ll sail my solo sloop
    into the Devil’s Roar region filled with Volcanoes and just cast a line to catch some Devilfish.
    Sometimes I’m bloodthirsty and looking for player ships to sink, somethings I just want to
    helps some friends complete some voyages of their own.
  3. Which brings me to my 3rd point. This game is so social. I have met so many amazing people
    from around the world playing Sea of Thieves. Some have become friends I message daily
    about gaming and about life. In my humble opinion, Sea of Thieves is best experienced with
    friends. You can certainly solo a Sloop, but having fun with a full Brig or Galleon is pretty cool.
    There is an incredible community of Sea of Thieves streamers on Twitch that you can check
    out, and through those communities you can meet other pirates also looking for friends to
    share adventures with. Yep, every game has it’s toxic/nasty players, and Sea of Thieves is not
    immune from that culture, but there are so many friendly yet notorious pirates out there that
    would love to know you.

In my 3 years of playing and loving this game, they’ve added Tall Tales and Arena game mode.
They introduced new threats and environments. We’ve had a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ invasion,
and an Easter Egg to ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’. They’ve just removed Arena and now a new
challenge has arrived in the Spanish Phantom Fortresses. I’m looking forward to testing my steel
in the coming months as well as discovering what the 4th Anniversary will unleash for us all. You
can play Sea of Thieves on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Microsoft PC, Steam and is free to play
on Xbox Game Pass.

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