Sega, mini but awesome!

Apologies this review is a bit late, i have been battling a throat infection. I have had my hands on the new Sega Mega Drive Mini for over a week now and it is fantastic! The unit itself fits in the palm of your hand and is connected to your output source via hdmi. It has two USB ports for the two usb controllers supplied. Which is great because it means you can jump straight into two player games without the need to purchase anything additional.

When turned on you get a simple menu which shows all of the games loaded on the unit. There are a few settings you can tinker with but nothing that exciting. The music score playing while in the menu is a perfect drag back to the sega age and gets you excited to play some of the classics of your youth. There is nothing ground breaking here, it is just simple, effective emulation done very well.

The true hero of the Sega Mega Drive Mini is the games library. It comes loaded with 42 games, the majority off being absolute Sega classics. There are the first 2 sonic titles, toejam and earl, mickey mouse’s castle of illusion, streets of rage 2 and super fantasy zone. In my playtime so far i have had no glitches or game crashes. The Sega Mini also allows for saves, which is great because boy had i forgotten how difficult these games were! We gamers have gotten soft in our old age. The only thing you could argue that is missing is a rewind feature that is seen in many of the new rehashed consoles.

The Sega Mini has taken me back to the 90’s and let me replay some of the great games i enjoyed as a kid. My challenge now is to actually finish a couple of them. I thoroughly recommend this unit if you are a bit of a Sega fanboy, or just want to revisit your youth. its leaps above any of the earlier Sega emulation consoles that have come out and while its price (especially in NZ) seems to be pretty steep, it is worth it.

Full Games list available here :

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