Spellbreak – A magical take on Battle Royale.

“A new battle royale RPG featuring epic magic combat”

While everyone is playing Apex Legends, I was lucky enough to receive a pre-alpha testing key for Spellbreak by Proletariat in my inbox a few days ago.

I know what you’re thinking… another Battle Royale game… blah blah. HOWEVER, playing this game (even though it’s still in it’s testing stages) has probably been the most fun I’ve had gaming in a quite a while.

Basically at the start of the game you choose a portal to an area of the map where you would like to drop in (ideally with the rest of your squad). You then, like other BR games, hunt around for items to help you to become the last man or squad standing. However, the items in Spellbreak are slightly different as they consist of gauntlets (your main “weapons”), which wield elemental type attacks such as frost, flame, wind, lightning etc, runes (special abilities such as flight & invisibility), belts, boots and potions, all which have various types and give you different boosts in areas of battle. There are also different classes and scrolls to throw more variations into the mix.

The gauntlets have two attacks, standard with your left and right clicks (for left and right gauntlets) and you also have charged up attacks of these (by holding Q for left, and E for right). Plus if you have two that play nice together, such as toxic and lightning, you can launch a bigger attack on enemy squads, in this case an electrically charged toxic cloud!

Check out our clip over on Facebook (GameHubNZ) for a bit of a preview. Sorry in advance for playing like a noob, but it’ll give you an idea on how it looks and plays like (which for an alpha build is quite nice).
If you are interested head over to https://playspellbreak.com/ to register your interest in the next round of testing.

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