Square Enix delivering nostalgia overload

During my youth I was addicted to a lot of things, a lot of strange things. One of those being the triple triad card game in Final Fantasy VIII. So imagine my excitement at the announcement of a remastered FF VIII. While all the releases and re-releases and remasters of the various Final Fantasy games have gotten out of control, I had actually given up hope on a remastering of this particular entry, as it had long been rumoured that the source code of FFVIII had been “misplaced”.

Anyway, it was a great showing for old school JRPG fans. With a Final Fantasy VII remake also announced its going to be easy spending the next year or so recreating your childhood. However, this is great news for young gamers who may have not experienced Final Fantasy as-well, if you have not already dipped into the remastered FF VII I would suggest holding out until the remake arrives early next year to get a good introduction to the series.

The releases are coming to multiple platforms, with Final Fantasy VIII bookmarked for later this year, and the remake of Final Fantasy VII due the 3rd March 2020. It’s worth noting that this does dry up a bit of Square Enix’s back catalogue, so perhaps next year we may see exciting new material, one can hope!

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