The original shooter-looter returns

Borderlands 3 looks to be everything a sequel should be, having the same grass roots as the previous installation of the series, keeping all the fan favorites and the things that make it unique and enjoyable whilst working on and improving all of the other aspects that Borderlands 2 fell short on.

The new cast for Borderlands 3 looks to be much more diverse instead of the assassin, soldier, siren and tank style, the brand new characters look to have a lot more diversity in their builds and much more unique abilities.  

One of the biggest problems from Borderlands 2 is the level and scaling of the game making all the enemies have huge health bars and deal absurd amounts of damage and becoming bullet sponges unless slagged, which made the end-game gameplay rely almost entirely on constantly slagging enemies to be able to take them out in a reasonable amount of time.

Thankfully slag has been removed from Borderlands 3 and the scaling seems to be toned entirely back with significantly lower numbers for the damage on guns as far as we have seen. Hopefully this means things will scale better into late game making more unique builds viable and the end game content more available to the average player.

For me the most important of these aspects is the gun play; it looks much more steady and consistent with certain gun types but also has the variety to more powerful and inaccurate gun types with all sorts of unique and interactive mechanics one of my personal favourites being the “smart bullets” mechanic where players can tag enemies with a tracker dart and then switch firing mode to shoot homing bullets that automatically seek out their target.

Guns. Borderlands is all about guns. Well borderlands 3 has a huge amount of guns, claiming that there are over 1 billion variants of guns at E3. Each manufacturer has unique parts that have been created along with each manufacturer having updated unique effects.

Dhal can now change between burst fire and fully automatic, some guns even have a single fire mode and for me this is huge as I was never a fan of the burst fire restriction in Borderlands 2.

Now with the brand new Hyperion guns when you aim down sights you are able to take cover behind your weapon-mounted shield along with the classic holding down the trigger to increase accuracy.

Landing critical hits on enemies will now make your bullets ricochet toward nearby enemies along with a satisfying sound effect!

Toggle between two elements, charge your shots to deal guaranteed elemental damage!

Throw your gun like a grenade to reload, but watch it as it gets back up to pursue a nearby enemy as a fully loaded gun reconstructs in your hand.

Switch between regular and sticky-Projectiles sticky bombs do more damage if multiple of them explode on the same target!

Vladof can now be augmented with their own unique under barrel attachments there rapid-firing ammo-hungry guns can now be changed to cater to your play style!

My personal favorite of these would have to be Dhal, I always enjoyed their accuracy and fire rates and now the option to change between sounds like a lot of fun.

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