The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment, you’ve done it again.

Fallout New Vegas fans will be familiar with some of Obsidian’s RPG work, and they are back with a brand new title called The Outer Worlds.

Lost in transit to their new home away from Earth, colonists are stuck on ‘The Hope’ in a cryo-sleep state floating at the edge of a distant galaxy called Halcyon. You are among them. That is until a crazy scientist, Phineas Welles, comes up with a trial concoction that prevents people from dying when coming out of their cryo pod. He had just enough for one person, and that happened to be you.

Fast forward a bit and it is now on your shoulders to assist Welles to get more chemicals needed to whip up some more of his concoction to save those left on board The Hope. His view is that Halcyon, which is mostly controlled by the Halcyon Holdings Corporation is doomed, and the colonists aboard The Hope are literally their hope for saving the galaxy. You find yourself Captain of a ship called The Unreliable and with help from the ship’s AI, ADA, you set off.

Like any good RPG, throughout the core storyline you have opportunities to help or hinder this mission. Work for the corporation or against it with varying groups of rebels.

Along the journey you will meet characters who you will be able to recruit onto your ship’s crew. These companions come along for the ride and each have their own special abilities and perks. From medical, engineering and even hacking, certain parts of your quest may be a bit easier with companions at your side (you can take two with you off the ship at a time). Your companions also allow you to carry more items in your inventory, a huge help!

As you progress you will have access to/find a wide range of weaponry. From flamethrowers to hunting rifles, sawn off shotguns to shock sticks – the options of ways to take an enemy down is quite a lengthy list. Each weapon also has a damage type of either Physical, Plasma, Corrosion, Shock or N-Ray, and they can also be modded to a different damage type if you so wish. You can also change scopes and mag sizes.
For me, my go to at the moment is a Plasma Carbine Ultra which has proved effective against Marauders, Outlaws, Corporate Guards, Primals and other people/creatures that you may get offside.

Armour also has different protection values as well as skill enhancements. For example a Mining Outfit may not provide a lot of protection but it’ll bump your Stealth skill up +5.

You will have the choice when levelling up of increasing certain skills. These skills such as Melee, Ranged, Defence, Dialogue, Stealth, Tech & Leadership will determine whether it’s easier for you to fight or talk/negotiate/bribe your way out of trouble. Also skills like lockpicking come in VERY handy at times!

I personally love the game. Sure, I have had the odd graphics issue (frame drops etc), and at times their seems to be a few gaps with not a lot going on between locations but The Outer Worlds has done what a lot of games haven’t been able to for me in a while, and that is hold my attention for hours. I found it quite easy to sit down, play and lose track of time.

Definitely worth a play through!

The Outer Worlds is available on PC, Xbox One & PS4.
Also included in Xbox Game Pass (on Xbox One or PC).

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Review Rating

Gameplay - 8.5
Controls - 9
Look & Feel - 9
Fun Factor - 9
Would we play it again? - 10


Love It!

Being a fan of single player RPGs, The Outer Worlds has lived up to my expectations and more. Lot's to do and lot's of ways to do it. Give it a try!

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