Times change, DOOM is Eternal.

QuakeCon 2019 is happening right now in Texas and as part of that we will see updates coming through from Bethesda for games such as Wolfenstein, Rage 2, ESO, Fallout, Quake Champions and of course, DOOM Eternal.

Earlier we tuned into the DOOM Eternal presentation where we got a further look into the gameplay of DOOM Eternal which looks amazing.

ID Software have not only worked on creating another great single player campaign, they have also announced (and shown previews of) a new multiplayer experience they’re calling BATTLEMODE. In short it’s a new online 1v2 mode which puts a slayer up against two demons, each with their own abilities and upgrades. The two demons also have access to different hazards to damage the slayer. Gameplay looks intense but I’m so keen to play.

Check out the video below to see for yourself! (Battlemode preview starts at around 6:40). Doom Eternal launches November 23 (NZ) on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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