Trackmania Launches July 1st

It may be a remake of the popular 2006 Trackmania Nations, but this Trackmania is set to be a fresh start for the team at Ubisoft Nadeo.

With upgraded graphics, new blocks and improved live content and game progression – Trackmania looks to be jam packed full of fast paced and full on racing action.

Trackmania was meant to launch next month, but due to COVID-19 this has been pushed back to July 1st. So keep an eye out for updates and in the meantime, check out this gameplay trailer.

Trackmania – Gameplay Trailer


Regularly updated content: Trackmania® features an official seasonal campaign and a daily track selection.

Diverse tracks: Trackmania® allows for unique track creations that players can share by providing new surfaces and “special” blocks.

A new type of esport: Trackmania® makes esports accessible to everyone, with in-game daily competitions to international open leagues.

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Trackmania will be available on PC via Epic Games and Uplay.

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