Windows 11 and Gaming.

When you think of gaming on a computer, most people straight away think Windows. For multiple decades now, Windows has been the chosen OS for gamers and developers alike. Microsoft looks set to build on this more with the upcoming release of Windows 11 which was announced (after various leaks) this morning.

Basically, Microsoft are taking the technology that they have developed with the Xbox Series X and S consoles and incorporating it into the Windows 11 core.

First up, Auto HDR. Auto HDR automatically adds High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhancements to games running with DirectX11 to provide richer colours and depth to the image. Microsoft showed this in action with a side by side SDR vs HDR render of Skyrim and it does make a noticeable difference.

My favourite, DirectStorage. With the Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft paired high performance NVMe SSD storage with custom AMD processors and graphics to enable super quick speeds/low load times, even on large open world games. It enabled the system to quickly load assets to the graphics card without bogging down the processor.
Microsoft are bringing the same tech to Windows11 with DirectStorage Optimised PCs (basically PCs that have the hardware and drivers needed to be able to enable it).

In addition to supporting the new hardware advances needed for DirectStorage, Windows 11 will continue to have the broadest hardware support in the world. Everything from our new Xbox Wireless Controllers to mechanical keyboards and gaming mice, to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, to surround-sound headsets, external GPUs and more. So, you’ll still be able to connect millions of gaming peripherals and accessories to game the way you want.

Windows 11 and Gaming – Sarah Bond

Lastly, Game Pass. We all know that Microsoft have invested heavily into Xbox Game Pass over the past few years. It’s no different with Windows 11. The Xbox app will be built in to Windows 11 and with that Game Pass for PC.
Going forward Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available within the Xbox app or via a browser, making it easier to pick up and carry on where you left off on your mobile or Xbox console.

We’re sure that being Windows that there will be bugs along the way but we’re still quite keen to see how it goes.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Windows 11 is due for release Holiday 2021.

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