Get ready for stylistic & gory action in Within the Blade!

After receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam (9/10 overall), Within the Blade is about to hit consoles.

Within the Blade, brought to you by Ametist Studio and Ratalaika Games, is a retro styled ninja themed platformer that we’ve been lucky enough to take for a spin on the Xbox Series X over the last few days.

What’s it all about?
In 1560 A.D – Japan’s last Shogunate lost full control over the realm causing an eventual explosion into a massive civil war with other provinces of the once mighty empire. Anarchy reigned through the country as the different clans waged an all-out bloody war for supremacy. One clan “Steel Claw” in particular led by their Daimyo (Military Leader) Mamoru Imai, began seeking the knowledge of old forbidden practices and worshiping dark entities in order to try and place a curse upon his enemies. Mamoru was soon to be infected by the spirit of a vindictive and very malevolent Samurai warlord. Through this infection, “Steel Claw” began a campaign of total chaos and hatred spreading vile darkness through the lands, infecting other nations along with it. The demonically possessed Daimyo allies himself with nine other powerful demons and forges a massive army born from hatred and fueled by blood. No one army can withstand him. All hope is on the detachment of the shinobi clan “Black Lotus”, operations of sabotage only can weaken the power of Mamoru. The warlord must be assassinated or Japan will crumble into dust.

Basically you play as the hero Shinobi ninja, using a variety of battle tactics that develop further as you progress.
As you play through each level you will pick up various ingredients, coins and other items that can be used to craft weapons, potions, explosives and more when you return from battle to your village. You can also purchase weapons, items and advanced skills using coins collected.

Now I’m the guy that usually runs into a battle in a game swinging my sword at anything that moves. When playing Within the Blade I was getting increasingly frustrated at the difficulty of killing enemies, especially the ones fighting back with a katana. That was until I clicked that I was playing a ninja game and that stealth may be a better option. Mate, what a game changer. You’re much more likely to survive if you take your time, and work on nailing those assassination attempts one enemy at a time. If your stealth attempt doesn’t work and you find yourself fending off an attack, deploy the slash (and button mash) action… then go back to stealth. You’ll thank me later. Nothing worse than getting to a checkpoint with very little health and getting stuck in a death loop with the next enemy you see. Save your health, be stealth. It’ll also save your weapons as they do break after some time in battle.

Because it has randomly generated levels, each level felt somewhat familiar as I played through and I thought I knew what was coming up next… and then I’d find myself in a spike pit facing a katana. Fun times 🙂

An Action-Platformer Like no Other! Live in the Shadows, Die by the Sword!

Within the Blade – Launch Trailer

Within the Blade features:

  • Over 100 types of weapon that players can find or craft
  • Branching skills to level up and master
  • Secrets to unlock, with epic items to find
  • Randomly generated levels
  • 5 unique acts with 5 levels
  • Distinct visual style, with a distinct medieval feel

Now that I’ve spent some time working my way through Within the Blade (and dying less), I’m actually really enjoying it. Both the graphics and the play-style remind me of games that I played growing up, except way more in-depth. If you’re looking for something a bit different to play away these cold winter days, make sure to check out Within the Blade

Within the Blade is coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch this Friday! (16th July) and is also available on PC via Steam.

Gameplay - 9
Controls - 7
Look & Feel - 7
Fun Factor - 8
Would we play it again? - 8


Will definitely keep playing!

User Rating: No Ratings Yet !

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