Xbox One S All-Digital Edition – Now available to pre-order in NZ

Looking at getting an Xbox One and don’t mind not being able to play games on disc or watch Blu-ray movies, or want to save a little bit of money on your purchase? Then the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition may be what you’ve been looking for.

Pre-orders for the All-Digital S are now available for those of us here in NZ (and AUS), with the release date set at 2 August 2019.

However, when I say ‘save a little bit of money’, I really do mean it. The preorder price/RRP is set as $399 NZD which does include 3x games (Minecraft, Sea of Thieves & Forza Horizon 3); but compare this with the standard Xbox One S which currently sits between $419 and $439 at most NZ retailers. Do you pay a little extra for a disc drive in case you want to watch movies or get physical copies of games? Or is going fully digital the way to go?

For more information or to pre-order visit

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