Xbox Series S – Launching November 10

After a series of leaks over the last couple of days, it seems Microsoft either planned it all along or their hand was forced. Either way, the Xbox Series S has officially been announced today and will hit the console market on November 10 for the pretty reasonable price of $299 USD (NZ release date and price TBC).

Xbox Series X – Official Launch Trailer

The Xbox Series S is basically the smaller sibling of the Series X. Smaller and not as powerful, but definitely looks like it’s part of the family. It’s being marketed as the smallest Xbox yet, and when you look at the current Xbox One S that would mean that it is pretty small. Xbox have done away with the Blu-ray drive to save some space (can’t remember the last time I used mine on my Xbox One anyway) and while there’s not a lot of information about internals at this point, it’s rumoured to have the same base CPU as the Series X but a less powerful GPU, less RAM and a smaller SSD (confirmed as a 512GB custom NVME).

Not sold on the smaller SSD (will fill up in no time), but overall it looks to be a good option for those that are wanting to jump into next gen optimised games, but may not have the budget/need to go for the Xbox Series X.

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